May 26, 2017

Top 10 Shrewd Movie Puns from Adam's DVD Shelf

Top 10 Shrewd Movie Puns on Adam's DVD Shelf Bible WordplayOk and now for something completely different....
A Christian wordplay game from my peeps over at Facebook Group 'Christians Laugh Too' (It's True!).

I challenged these fine folks to come up with Puns in the theme of "movies you might find on Adam's DVD Shelf." (You know, Adam right?  (gardener, Eve's husband, good with animals, missing a rib??). 

Here are my Top 10 Favorite responses. 

10. Star Trek II the Wrath of Cain

9.  Adam and Eve's Excellent Adventure (or should that be Bogus Journey??) 

8. Sisterhood of the Travelling Fig Leaves

7. Now You See Me

6. How to lose a Garden in 10 Days

5. Death Becomes Them

4. Sin City

3. Snakes on a Plain

2. Gardeners of the Galaxy

1. Eve of Destruction

Happy Friday Everyone!

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