October 8, 2015

Top 10 "Some Days you're the" expressions to describe your best days and your worst days

We all have them - good days and bad days. But how can you explain just what kind of day you are having?  Some people like the phrase "Some days your the dog and other days your the fire hydrant" but here are 10 more geekier versions:  

Top 10 "Some days you're the..."

10. The Yoda and other days you're the Jar Jar Binks

9. ...The Google and other days you're The Bing.

8. ...The Trump and other days you're the toupee

7. ...The Quarterback and other days you're the Nickelback.

6....The 411 and other days you're the 404

5. ...The Facebook and other days you're the Myspace

4. Some days your the Most Interesting Man in the world and some days youre the Badluck Brian

3....The Batman and other days you're the Bettman

2. ...The Points and some days you're the Blocked. (Am I Right Hashtag Warriors?)

1. ... The Steve Jobs and some days you're the Steve Ballmer

Happy Friday Everyone! How would you describe your day? Tell me how you would express it in the comments.