September 11, 2015

The Random Meme Posters Collection

Memes are a great way of expressing eternal truths - in a humorous way! And over the years with the help of Meme Generator sites like MemeGenerator.Net, ImgFlip and the Mockit Blackberry App I have added my original captions to existing memes and made a few new ones myself. So here are my Top 10 (Check the link below if you are not up todate on your meme-ology).

10. Because somebody has to...

Dwight From Office Meme

9.  The problem with Dual-screens at home.

That would be Great - Office Space 

8. Because we all have those days

Grumpy Cat

7. Can't they just agree on which to use?

Not sure Fry from Futurama

6. That awkward moment when you call someone back

 5.  Hey I found Perry!

3. The Bruins come to mind when I think of this one...

3. So glad this has NEVER happened to me . . . 

Bad Luck Brian 

2. And this too.

And #1

Happy Friday Everyone! Got any memes that make you ROFL? Send 'em on over!