August 14, 2015

Top 10 New Snacks for Retirement

One of my co-workers is retiring today after 30 years grinding it out day after day.  She is known for always having a snack at her desk so that inspired me (with some help from my twitter hashtag warrior co-horts) to write this Top 10:
Top 10 Retirement Snacks

10. Ketchup on sleep chips.

9. Snicker (at people that still have to work) 

8. Raisins . . . that were grapes you didnt finish when you were working. (via @allthingsbarb)

7. Sandwich year is this? (via @soulcandyd)

6. Turnover in bed and go back to sleep

5. Lays-Z Potato Chips (via @Laughing_Lyon)

4. Tee-Time Toast and Jam (via @kasiaEmerald)

3. Cheese Naps (via @mayhem74033) 

2. Reese's Peace and Quiets

1. Frito do whatever the heck I want! (via @charley_ck14)

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