August 21, 2015

Humorous Graphs for your next office meeting

Charts and Graphs are an essential part of any office presentation. And now thanks to Graphjam, people with a sense of humor can make them. 

Top 10 Humorous Graphs for your office workplace:

10. What do they mean by BS??

9. Truer words I know knot. 

8. and Androids perform just as well!


7. Grammar Nazis should skip to number 6

6. That clarifies it.

5. Still a legitimate reason?? 

4. Show of hands? Anyone?

3. Because there should be more pie at work.

3. I guess this is why I never have problems in my office?

1.  I resemble that remark.

Happy Friday Everyone!  Remember every time you share Bill's Friday Funnies an Angel gets out of presenting at their next budget meeting. 

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