April 30, 2015

Top 10 #1Pun Hashtag Entries via Twitter @smith_bill

Top 10 puns Bills Friday FunniesA few years ago I stumbled across a great twitter game called  #1Pun started by none other than Juan Pun.  So many great original jokes on there which I wouldn't dare try to rate cause they are all #1! (Get it ...Number one, and they're puns? I crack myself up! ) If you are a glutton for PUNishment check them out here.

These are my Top 10 Contributions over the last few years:

Top 10 puns Breaking Bad Michael Jackson10.  The chemistry teacher was preparing an experiment to snap an old Michael Jackson album in half. He was Breaking Bad.

9. The pun is mightier than the soared.

8. I thought I went to the penguin wing at the vet clinic but everyone just stared at me. It was Auk Ward. 

7.Call us dorks, dweebs, or nerds if you want -it's all geek to me.

6. Newtons Law explains the attraction between two masses. Coles Law explains the attraction between Cabbage and Mayonnaise.

5. My new suit is the right size and the right price so I guess you could say it fits the Bill

4. (based on a true story) My son and and I raced to get dressed for the formal dinner. It was a deadheat until the last item. It was a tie.

3. Having Negative Knowledge on a subject is a No Know.

There was a Canuck who loved Punning
But his never got in the Running Then one day He stopped using "Eh" Now they R really quite stunning

Top 10 puns no one gets left behind

Happy Friday everyone! I hope at least one of these made you smile or maybe no pun intendid? Or are you a glutton for PUNishment?