January 29, 2015

Top 10 Superbowl Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Heading into Superbowl weekend is an exciting time yet when you mix it with social media things can go wrong awfully quick (just ask #GoDaddy).  So as always the Friday Funnies is here to help you out (which way did you come in?)


10. Do post a picture of your fabulous nacho tower on Pinterest.

Superbowl social media Top 10 nacho libre

9.  Don't repost any picture of Nacho Libre. No one needs Jack Black in spandex again. Ever.

8. Do dress up in your Teams Colors and post to Instagram. Even if you have to improvise
top 10 social media superbowl seahawks fan

7. Do double-check there are no wardrobe malfunctions before posting. 

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6. Do check in to Four Square from the Superbowl media day so you dont get fined.
Superbowl social media Top 10 meme bad luck brian

5. Do invite your geeky non-football loving friends over for the Super Bowl

5a. Do NOT make him fix your computer.

mckayla not impressed Superbowl social media top 10
Wife is not impressed with Katy Perry

3. Husband's do NOT brag on facebook how hot you think Katy Perry is or your wife will be like:

2. Husbands DO like your wife's post on how excited she was to see the Patriots score a "home run"

1.  When posting to Sound Cloud - remember that Superbowl XLIX is Roman Numerals.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the big game on Sunday and all the festivities that go with it. Remember, every time you share Bill's Friday Funnies  an angel finds his lost dog (and keeps it).