January 8, 2015

Top 10 Fun Baby Names for Twins

Fun Twin Baby Names buy one get oneI've never had the pleasure of having to name twins but I've have always thought about it.  And although "Cy" and "Bowie" are great names for Zoe Saldana's twins.  I would rather geek out a bit with one of these sets:

10.  Cy and Borg (perfect for Star Trek fans, or you could go more traditional like Patrick and Stewart)

Fun Twin Baby Names copy paste9. Copy and Paste

8. For anyone with a brother or sister expecting twins:  Denise and De-nephew.

7. Bacon and Coffee (the most beloved babies ever)

6. Jose  and Jos-B

5. Bruce and Clark (with middle names Wayne and Kent)

4. Monique and Unique  (Hat tip to @j0hnelway and @eddiemurphy)
Fun Twin Baby Names Thing 1 thing 2

3. Milk and Honey

2.Thing 1 and Thing 2  (Hat tip to @Badmommy4u )

1. Pete and repeat

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