January 15, 2015

Top 10 Hashtags for #AnagramMovies

Bill's Friday Funnies Top 10 #AnagramMovies Ok I know what you're thinking- #AnagramMovies -seriously dude you are way to word geek for me. Yet some of these are shockingly simple and some are just totally how in the world did they do that? Check it out and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. And if you are still stumped you can try http://anagram-solver.net/ 

Top 10 #AnagramMovies via Twitter

10. I'm gonna give you an Anagram you can't refuse.

9.  With a cameo by Bob reBark
8. Frankly my dare...

 7.To infinity and Ebony-D

6. Why yes, I think I do

5. Nominated for an Osrac

4. Oy Adrian!

3. Ya think?

2.Hmm same movie?

1.When you mess with the bull...

Happy Friday everyone and remember - every time you share a Friday Funny an "Angle gets a swing".

Thanks to all the Hashtag Warriors who geeked out with me to create these!  If you can't get enough Anagrams check them all out here: