December 19, 2014

Top 10 differences for a #GeekChristmas

Geek Christmaspresent top 10Somewhere in a Geekier Parallel Universe this is what Christmas would be like;

Top 10 differences for a #GeekChristmas

10. Old AOL CDs are turned into Christmas Ornaments
Geek Christmas AOL CD
Actual Christmas Ornament in my home

Geek Christmas Doctor Who Santa Tardis9. Santa doesn't use a sleigh he uses Doctor Who's Tardis ( how else would he make it around in one night)

8. Instead of 3 Wise Men there are 3 System Administrators

7."Merry Christmas" replaced by "May the Force be with you" and "Happy New Year" replaced by "Live Long and Prosper"

6.Santa doesnt have a naughty list -but he knows which kids have gone to the dark side...

Geek Christmas no Wifi
5.... and geek kids who have gone to the darkside don't get a lump of coal they get their WiFi password taken away.

4. When two geeks meet under the mistletoe they play Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.

3. Christmas Carols changed to "#FFFFFF Christmas" and "I'll be for Christmas"

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2. Instead of Santa's Castle at the North Pole he operates out of the Fortess of Solitude. 

1. If Santa gets caught by kids on Christmas eve he uses a Jedi Mind trick to make them forget he was there. "These are not the presents you are looking for"

Happy Friday Everyone! and Merry Christmas er May the Force be with you!

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