October 30, 2014

Top 10 Star Trek Movie Parodies with Original Movie Posters

Bills Friday Funnies Star Trek Movie Parodies
Last year during the #MakeAnyFilmStarTrek hashtag game I started these original movie parody posters to go with some of my favorite entries. Now we can use them for #StarTrekifyAMovie, #OtherRoddenBerryMovies, #MoreStarTrekFilms #WhatsPlayingInTheHolodeck, etc.

Top 10 Star Trek Movie Parodies 


Horton Hears Uhura Star Trek Movie Parodies


Mccoyote ugly Star Trek Movie Parodies


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#MakeAnyFilmStarTrek Little Spock of Horrors

      Klingon in 60 Seconds #MakeAnyFilmStarTrek
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Cool Hand Jean Luc Star Trek Movie Parodies


Borg On The Fourth Of July #MakeAnyFilmStarTrek
— Mike Frankovich (@MikeFrankovich) November 9, 2013

Borg on the Fourth of July Star Trek Movie Parodies


I was a Teenage Wereworf Star Trek Movie Parodies

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