October 16, 2014

Top 10 Signs You are a Hashtag Warrior

Hashtag Warrior Twitter Bills Friday FunniesYou have probably seen the term "hashtag warrior" around the internet but who are these pundits of the twittersphere, these jokesters of the twitternet, these folks with the gift of gag? and could YOU be one of them? 
Here are the tell tale signs:

Top 10 Signs you are a Hashtag Warrior

10. You put off watching a show on Netflix so you can browse through titles searching for hashtag entries. 

9. When you decide to Follow Friday it looks kind of like this:

8. Hashtags make you LLOL(Literally Laugh out loud)

7. At one point or another you have said to yourself "Help me - I can't stop"

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6. Someone says hashtag warrior in their twitter bio and you automatically follow them.

5. You think of a second hashtag entry before you finish tweeting the first one.
Hashtag Warrior Tshirt from skreened.com

4.  You plan your bedtime routine around @midnight's hashtag wars.

3. You've been there, done that AND bought the T-Shirt!

2. You have had to pull over while driving to enter a hashtag.

1. You finish playing hashtag wars and close your laptop to go to bed but then end up thinking of a good hashtag and wind up entering it on your phone.

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have another item for the list? tweet it to me @smith_bill with the #SignsYouAreAHashtagWarrior or leave it in the comments.

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