October 2, 2014

Top 10 Memes for Canucks vs Flames for 2014-2015

Hockey Humor Bills Friday FunniesWith the new 2014-15 NHL Hockey Season upon us I have to show my true colors has a Canucks Fan.  In our office I made a bet with a Flames fan for 2L of Ice Cream to whomever's team gets the most points by the end of the season.  So to explain just how badly the Flames are going to lose to the Canucks I have employed these memes:

Top 10 Memes Cheering for the Canucks vs Flames

10. Chemistry Cat
Canucks Flames Memes Chemistry Cat

9. Good Guy Greg
Canucks Flames Memes Good Guy Greg

8.Austin Powers
Canucks Flames Memes Austin Powers

7.Annoyed Picard
Canucks Flames Memes Austin Powers

6. Skeptical Baby
Canucks Flames Memes Skeptical Baby

 5 Unhelpful Teacher
Canucks Flames Memes Unhelpful Teacher

4. Ancient Aliens Guy

Canucks Flames Memes Ancient Aliens

3. Most Interesting Man in the world

Canucks Flames Memes Most Interesting Man in the world

2. Koala-fied Koala
Canucks Flames Memes Koala-ified

1. Condescending Wonka

Canucks Flames Memes Condesceding Wonka

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the coming hockey season whoever you cheer for and remember: Every time you share a Friday Funny a hockey player gets his front teeth back!