September 26, 2014

Top 10 Humorous Helpdesk Categories

Computer Geek Humor Tech Support Thank you to everyone who is using the new helpdesk! With all these helpdesk requests I am getting I think we will have to reconsider some of  the categories we use. . .

Top 10 Humorous Helpdesk Categories that we don't use but should:

10. The wat-cha-ma-call-it is all wonky and the doo-hickey won't hipple-hopple.

9. My mouse needs some cheese

8. Top 10 list only has 9 items.

7. I just got back from my tropical vacation and I have no idea what my password is.

5. Helpdesk not working

4. !#$%^#*

3. My k yb rd sn't w rk ng r ght

2. How should I know I'm not a computer geek!?!

1. Pointy Haired Boss