May 16, 2014

Top 10 Movie MIS-quotes for a 40th birthday

Know a big movie buff turning 40 or need some 40th birthday ideas?  Here's a Top 10 Movie MIS-Quotes for a 40th birthday.

10. “May the 40th be with you!”

40th Birthday movie quote star wars

9. “We’re going to need a bigger cake” (for all these candles)

8. “Crappy Diem” (aka “Cease the Day ”)

7. “Oh no Toto  we’re not in the land of 30-somethings anymore!”

40th Birthday movie quote wizard of oz

6. “Birthdays? We don’t need no stinking birthdays!”

5. “I find your lack of 40th birthdays disturbing.”

4. “It wasn’t airplanes it was Birthdays that killed the beast.”

3. “I’ll have what she is having”(Birthday cake right?)

2. “As God is my witness, I will never have birthdays again”

1.      Here’s looking at you Not-a-kid-anymore.

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