March 7, 2014

Top 10 Other Mistaken Technology Terms

Computer Geek Humor Tech SupportYou may have seen this article that quoted a survey that 1 in 10 Americans thought HTML (the code that makes up websites) was an STD. 

Well Bill's Friday Funnies has discovered some Other mistaken Technology Terms and here are the Top 10:

Top 10 Other Mistaken Technology Terms
10. Spyware mistaken for James Bonds' Tuxdeo Jacket.

9.  Wifi mistaken for a Female Spouse Spelled wrong.

8.  USB  defined as what comes after USA.

7. Digital mistaken for Allen Jones - master pickpocket.

6.  16x9 mistakenly called 1 Gross

5.  IP Address
mistaken tech terms ip address

4. IBM - What your Dr is interested in when you have had 'tummy trouble'.

3. 1080p - mistaken for the price of a film in England

 top 10 other Mistaken Technology Terms
2. Firefox - mistaken for the villain in Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

And the #1 other mistaken Technology Term:

1. LinkedIn - how some like their sausages cooked.

Happy Friday!