November 22, 2013

Top 10 101st Grey Cup Movies (aka) #101GCMovies

Top 10 film hashtags Happy Green Day Friday Saskatchewan!  Before we get to today`s Top 10 - Have you had your Unofficial Chocolate Bar of the 101St Grey Cup yet?
Unofficial Chocolate Bar of the #101GC Grey Cup

And now your Top 10 movie Mashups for the Grey Cup 2013
10. Kent Austen Book Club

9. Breaker Durant

8. Fantuz of the Opera

7. The Coldest Yard
Keep Calm and Put Green On

6. Second Hand Linemen

5. Harry Potter and the Corey Chamblin of Secrets

4. Saskablanca

3. Fifty Sheets of Grey Cup

2. A Rider runs through it

1. Men in Black Bras

Happy Friday Everyone!  Watch Twitter for the #101GCMovies Hashtag for more Funny Movie Humour!