October 24, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Stamps Fans should enjoy Riders Fans instead of being annoyed

Back in August the Calgary Herald produced a 'shameful'  Top 10 on why Stamps' Fans find Rider Fans annoying.  Since Top 10s are kind of my thing - and to rebuff  that article here are:

The Top 10 Reasons Stamps' Fans should enjoy Rider Fans:

Riders Gainer eating Stamps horse10.  Beer Sales. Hello?  If  Riders' Fans drank rain water instead of beer Calgary would never have flooded.

9.  Riders' Fans start early . . . 

8  ...and even get their pets' involved

Watermelon Cat meme Riders Fans

7. Rider Fans can give you Banjo lessons (check Wikipedia if you are not sure why)
Rider Fan Banjo player
(Thanks to Updated News for the picture.)
6. Green and Red in the stands isn't ugly - It's just like Christmas! (and a lot better than Red and Gun Metal Grey!)
Gun Metal Grey Rider Fans
Courtesy of the Vancouver Sun

5. Annoyed by Rider fans coming over? Nobody complained when  these Sask Guys came over to help with that flooding you had. . . At no charge. . . 'Cause that's what neighbours do. 

4. We have a trash talking premier for a leader:

3.  You can count on Riders Fans attend regardless of the price of Oil.

2. Rider Fans stand by their team for good
2007 Grey Cup. Courtesy of the Edmonton Journal

and bad:

2009 Grey Cup - Courtesy of matthew.mennoboy.com

1.  Rider Fans are the most innovative, informed of any CFL Fans - just ask'em!


Happy Friday Calgarians! (because by the end of Saturday the joy will be over!)

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