September 5, 2013

Top 10 Advantages to having a Blackberry

I have seen the light! I am now onboard with Blackberry's vision and plan and I will not make fun of them like I used to here. and here.  oh and here too.

Here are by Top 10 Advantages to having a Blackberry smartphone:
Top 10 Advantages to Blackberry10. You can check your email (back to 1999!)

9. You can surf the web! (hey I didn't say they were exclusive advantages . . .)

8. You are not made fun of in this Windows Phone Commercial

7.This entry blocked by NSA (bbm me for real one since they can't block that!)

6. Less choice anxiety for phone apps since there are waaaaay less apps than the other appstores.

5. Doesn't get mixed up with your kids' Samsung Galaxy or your wife's iPhone.

4. Doesn't electrocute you like the iphone reportedly did.

3. Compatible with the Blackberry Playbook - and we all know how fun those are! If not check out the Top 10 things you can do with 5000 Stolen Playbooks)

2. It'll make a great museum piece some day.

1. Comes built in with Miley Cyrus twerk mode.  (also known as the vibrate feature).

Happy Friday everyone!