August 23, 2013

Twitter: HUH! What is it good for? Hashtags of Course!

Top 10 film hashtags        So like War - a lot of people seem to ask this of  Twitter? What is it good for? I have experimented with Twitter for a while now and I think I have an answer.  It seems from time to time the Twitter collective of users -aka "Twits" to most of us (although I think they prefer "Tweeps"- kind of like "Trekkers" vs "Trekkies") will use their creative juices to come up with some hilarious "Mashups" for movies, songs, books or other media (aka Hashtags). 

       The latest example is around removing one letter from Movies titles to create a new completely different movie title. These tweets have the hashtag #RemoveOneLetterFilms added to them for people to find them. 

Which brings us to this weeks Funny Top Ten List:

Top Ten #RemoveOneLetterFilms  from

10.Casio Royale

9. iTanic - Apple makes an unsinkable ship

8. The Ion King-A bossy meerkat & a gassy warthog help a young lion cub discover an extra electron in the circle of life

7. Rainspotting: A BBC weatherman's journey to the top

6. Pup Fiction. A gory, ironic perspective on the use of pit bulls as service animals

5. Bad News Bars - a film about Toronto Night clubs

4. Princess and the Fro: a story about a royally bad hair day.

3.Fat and Furious - the story of an obese man with anger issues.

2.Chariots of Fir: a group of Englishmen try to bring back the ancient Greek sport using wood from old Christmas trees.

And the number one #RemoveOneLetterFilms is (are?)

1.Star Trek: Fist Contact:  The Kirk/Picard debate among Trekkies finally erupts into the most hilarious dork fight ever .