July 25, 2013

Bill's Friday Funny: Top Ten Reasons there is an empty chair in the men's room

Empty Chair in Men's Room

You can imagine my surprise the other day when I went to "see a man about a horse"  (Or Man about a Weiner as they say in New York)  and found an empty chair in the mens room and it got me to thinking why in the world would there be an empty chair in the men's room?!?

So here are my

Top Ten Reasons why there is an empty chair in the men's room

10. Audience Seating (no latecomers will be seated though once the performance has started.)

9.  Bathroom is now a used office furniture showroom.

8.  Admin Assistant's chair (this is Fonzi's office after all.)

7.  We'll be hosting a future republican convention with Clint Eastwood as a guest speaker.

6. Because the couch wouldn't fit (of course!)

5. Waiting area (or in baseball terms the on deck chair)

4. Director's chair ("Cut, Cut, you're doing it all wrong, let's do this one more time but with feeling!")

3. So men can nurse their babies in private (got to have equal rights!)

2. It's a lifeguard chair (in case someone falls in?!?)

and the number one reason is 

1. It's for runners who want to change shoes before they go out on a run.  Ok that is not a joke -that is the real reason.  I was going to make fun of them for it but then I realized I would probably get drawn into a bet and have to end up running a half marathon or something.  So keep on running guys good on you!

Happy Friday everyone!