January 4, 2013

Top Ten people like Fiscal Cliff

Happy New Year everyone!  Now that the US Government has avoided that "Fiscal Cliff" guy here are the Top Ten other "financial" people you'll be hearing about 2013:

10. Portfolio Mat (as in your stock portfolio is going to hit the floor)

9. Deficit Dug (as in the hole the US has made)

8. Ryan Coke (needed after seeing your pension fund values)

7. Penny Stock (what will start piling up when the 1 cent coin is no longer in use in Canada)

6. James Bond (as in who you will have to be more daring than to invest in these securities).

5. Don Tworry and wife Bea Happy. (what we should really do about all this fear-mongering)
Thor Heins Blackberry Research in Motion
4.Thor Heins (yes, that sounds fictional - or maybe a like an NHL backup goalie but Blackberry fans will recognize this guy as the CEO for Research in Motion, who will be treated like a Norse God if the Blackberry 10 smart phone manages to reverse RIM's sagging stock price.)   

3. Fertilizer Phil (what those politicians are full of)

2. Ultra Violet (what color you'll turn when you see what's coming NEXT year)

and the number one guy you'll be hearing about in 2013

1. Market Bob (how the stock market Jumps up and down like a 4 year old on a Christmas morning sugar rush!)