January 7, 2013

Top 10 Urban dictionary definitions for "CBA"

Well by now you have probably heard the NHL and NHLPA have come to an agreement on the new CBA but in case you haven't been keeping up here are:

Top 10 Urban dictionary definitions for "CBA"

10. Challenging Bettman's Authority

9. Coffers Bare Again

8. Concussions, Boardings Await 

7. Conflicts Benefit Accountants

6. Copycatting Basketball Association's (shortened season from last year)

5. Consistently Belligerent Arguing

4. Canadians Blow-up Again (Oops - that one is for the WJHC)

3.Cherry-Bettman Allegiance.  (FYI-Don Cherry credit's Bettman for saving the season.  That's good because everyone credit him for jeopardizing it in the first place.)

2. Cap Buyouts Already?

1. Can't Believe Again  (Will this be the sentiment of previous hockey fans)