October 12, 2012

Top Ten Things #NobodyWouldSay

Here is a Top Ten list inspired by the Twitter:

funny top tens twitter

Top Ten things #NobodyWouldSay:

Apple $AAPL Battery life
10. My Apple iPhone has just too much darn battery life.

9.@itsWillyFerrell: "Can I borrow your Nickelback CD?" (It's true -everyone hates Nickelback)

8. "I can't find a Tim Hortons anywhere!?!"

7. "The Blue Bombers almost won that Labour Day Classic"

6.‏@_LaneyDollsz "I don't know.. let's Yahoo it!"

5. "Yes Honey - those pants do make your butt look big."

4. "I don't mind the NHL lockout I'll just watch the NBA"

3.  "I hope they come out with MORE reality TV Shows just like 'Here Comes Honey Booboo'"

2. "Gary Bettman loves hockey so much"

And the number one things Nobody would say:

1. "Hey Everybody would you like to double
date with Somebody and Anybody?"

Happy Friday everyone!