October 26, 2012

Top Ten Hobbies during the NHL Lockout

This NHL Lockout thing is just draggging on and on. Just when we had a glimmer of hope last week with an offer from the NHL our hopes are dashed when they turn down 3 counter proposals from the NHLPA. So to help you endure those quiet wintery Saturday nights without hockey here are:

Top Ten NHL Lockout Hobbies Beer
The Top Ten Hobbies during the NHL Lockout

10.Watch Grass Hockey/Field hockey (hey it's the only way you'll see green grass this winter where I come from)

9. Take up Photoshop so you can make pictures of Gary Bettman like these

8. Throwing Darts (like at pictures of Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr)

7. Watch Ice Skating  

6. Watch Curling (you can pretend the rocks hitting each other is Raffe Torres giving Gary Bettman a concussion).

5.Take up geography so you can follow which team is moving where like the Oilers to Seattle, The Islanders to Brooklyn, and the Nashville Predators to Markam Ontario.(and of of these is actually true!)

4.Go to University and study for a PHD in economics so you can actually decipher the cryptic logic of the actual NHL Proposal.  (How many ways can you split something 50/50??)

3.Take up Gockey (as seen on Dragon's Den)

2. Learn to dance Gangnam Style (like that trend hasn't jumped the shark already)

1. Plan a road trip to tour all the breweries in North America ( where else would you see as much beer as you do at a hockey game!?)