September 7, 2012

Top Ten reasons people hate Nickelback

So for some reason, a ton of people seem to have a hate on for Nickelback - there's even been online petitions to keep them from playing at the halftime show for the Detroit Lions. So after much extensive research (like we do on all our Top Ten lists here at the Friday Funnies) here are my:

Top Ten reasons People hate Nickelback.

10. Turns out they are responsible for putting more reality TV shows on TV.

9. Haters never got their nickel back.

8. Nickelback once tried coaching a hockey team without being able to speak french.

7. Nickelback once asked for Tech support without a helpdesk ticket.

6. Nickelback members all too skinny (because they just don't eat)

Quarterback instead of Nickelback

5. People were angry over mixing up Chad Kroger with Peyton Manning (quarterback)

4. Nickelback coined the phrase "Chavril" as well as Bennifer, and Brangelina.

2. Nickelback stole the #3 Funny from the Top Ten Reasons why people hate Nickelback!

And the number one reason why people hate Nickelback. . .

1. Nickelback responsible for promoting Gary Bettman to NHL Commissioner!