September 28, 2012

Top 10 Good things about turning 40

Are you turning 40 and is depressed about it? Well take heart! Here is the good news for you when you are turning 40:
happy 40th birthday  Good things about turning 40

Top 10 Good things about turning 40

10-You don't have to write 3's as much-and we all know what a PAIN that can be.

9-You are old enough that the bad stuff you did when you were younger can't be found on the internet.

8-You can finally tell stories about how much you used to pay for a cup of coffee and how far it was for you to walk to school.

7- You are automatically seen as wiser than a 39 year old.

6-You can officially wear Red hats and purple sweaters.
Red hat purple dress Good things about turning 40

5-You can take pleasure in the fact you haven't contracted furniture disease (the one where your chest drops into your drawers). 

4- Only 219,000 more hours until your retirement! (at age 65).

3-You are officially allowed to call people under 30 "young whippersnappers" with impunity

2.You can use 'failing eyesight' excuse to get new bigger monitor from Tech Support.

1-Life can begin.

Happy Friday everyone! Especially if you are turning 40!  

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