September 14, 2012

Top Ten Star Trek Scenes that reflect the NHL CBA Negotiations

Well tomorrow is September 15th and there is no agreement in place between the NHL and the NHLPA. So tomorrow at 11:59pm the owners will lockout the players for the 3rd time in Gary Bettman's 18 year tenure. Gee whodathunkit?  But in case you haven't been following along with the CBA negotiations here is a Top Ten list to help explain it:
Top Ten Star Trek Scenes that reflect where the CBA negotiations are at:

10. (TOS) When the Enterprise crew beams down to the planet to fight the alien and the always red-shirted crew member (NHL Season) gets sacrificed.

Star Trek NHL CBA Red Shirt
9. Cause and Effect Star Trek TNG - When the enterprise encounters a rift in the time-space continuum and they realize they are doomed to keep repeating recent history.

Star Trek NHL CBA Spock Mccoy

8.TOS When McCoy (Fehr) starts calling Spock(Bettman) a pointy-eared-green-blooded-hobgoblin and wondering if he has compassion/mercy or any feelings at all.

7.TNG - When Picard (Fehr) is stuck on the foreign planet and the alien (Bettman) only communicates in allegories and no one can figure out what he is saying.

6.Enterprise -Last Episode of Season 4. Basically everyone including the fans start to realize their is nothing they can do to keep the next season from being cancelled.

Star Trek NHL CBA Trelane Squire of Gothos5.TOS - The Squire of Gothos - Where Kirk realizes the crew (players)are just play things for Trelane (Bettman/Owners) who is a lot more powerful than he realizes.

Star Trek NHL CBA Borg
4.TNG - When they meet up with the Borg and realize that "Resistance is Futile" yet they refuse to give in

3.TOS (Various) Any time Scotty says "I am not a miracle worker"

2. TNG -When Data asks Geordi why humans are so greedy, stubborn and messed up and all Geordi can come up with is "Um you got me !?!?"

And the number one Star Trek scene that reflects the state of the NHL NHLPA CBA contract talks:

1.Wrath of Kahn: When Kirk realizes Kahn has left him with no hope underneath the planet: 

Star Trek NHL CBA Kirk screaming Khan!

Happy Friday everyone!