August 17, 2012

Top Ten reasons Gary Bettman cant accept the NHLPA Counter Proposal

Gary Bettman at the mic
Canadian Press
Contrary to popular opinion Gary Bettman and the NHL Owners would love to accept the NHLPA's counter-proposal that starts by them taking less money. In no way do they want to 'lock out' the players or cause grief for the fans and they really, really do care about Professional Hockey and their fans. But while they really do want to accept it the couldn't possibly. I mean it's not like they are just a bunch of billionaire whiners trying to squeeze more money out of the common fan - just ask them.  

Top Ten Excuses er Reasons Gary Bettman and the NHL Owners just can't accept the NHLPA counter proposal:

10. Presented on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and as everyone knows - it's bad luck to agree to a NHLPA CBA Counter proposal on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

9. Actually makes sense to a 3rd grader.

8. Owners lost too much money betting on Olympic Badminton.

7. Owners thought it said "Revenue Cher" and didn't want to pay another person.

6. Bettman wanted to be the only commissioner to preside over 3 work stoppages.

Yacht NHL Owners
5. Owners would have to put off buying a 3rd yacht for a month.

4. Had a spelling error on page 867.

3. Donald Fehr didn't accept Bettman's friend request on Facebook.

2. NHLPA forgot to phrase the proposal in the form of a question.

And the number one excuse for rejecting the proposal:

1.Because they didn't think of it first!

rejecting NHLPA CBA
Happy Friday Everyone!

Just imagine if the NHL Owners had asked for what they really wanted . . .