August 24, 2012

Top Ten #ThingsIsaytoMuch Hashtags for Newbies

For those of you who have never been on twitter before - one of the cool features is crowd sourced humor.  Someone will come up with a short phrase and add a hashtag on it and then comedy ensues. Well most of the time.  This week the subject was "Things I say too much" so here is my adaption:

Top Ten things I say too much (or in Twitter Language #thingsIsaytomuch)

10.  "Is Music your last name or is Nothing your first name?" @Smith_Bill (yeah, twitter users aren't big on grammar - It's not like using twitter is rocket surgery or anything. )

9.  "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" @PrinceHarry (twitter names start with @ and don't necessarily represent the person in question.

8. "Wide Gap" @GaryBettman

7.  "Inconceivable!" @Vizzini

6. "I'm Bored" @toomanykidsonsummerbreak

5."Then I'll give you some chores to do" @moms with kids who say #6

4."It's because I used to say "Would you like your Nickel back?"" @ChadKroger (Lead Singer of Nickelback)

3."Penny" @SheldonCooper

2."Owww. Who moved the furniture again?" @HelenKeller

1."Have you tried turning it on and off again?" @RoyfromITCrowd

Happy Friday everyone!

PS -Thanks to Mr Vector for the Vegas pic