January 27, 2012

Top Ten New Trading Symbols forBlackberry befitting their future outlook

Don't get me wrong - I love my Blackberry and what Blackberry Ltd. has done for technology in Canada but I think the wheels have fallen off the good ship RIM and they need arightin'. The promotion of Thorsten Heins from COO to CEO looks just the opposite of "Bold" as RIM's twitter feed purports it to be.

So while RIM stock goes down faster than an Olympic downhill skier - here are the Top Ten new trading symbols RIM should switch to:

10. GRIM

9. RIP (as in Ripoff or Rest In Peace)

8. RUM (what you need to drink to invest in this stock)

7. DIM

6. OHNO!


4. G'LUCK (you'll need it)

3. LMAO (as in Losing My Assets Off)

2. RIB (what it'll cost you to invest)

And the #1 new trading Symbol for Research in Motion is:

1. MSFT.B (or AMZN.B , NOK.B depending on what takeover rumor you believe)

Happy Friday