January 6, 2012

Top 10 Similes for patching the roof in Saskatchewan

So with the warm January weather in Saskatchewan we discovered a leak in the roof -fortunately it was to the outside soffit (I think that it what it is called?)but I figured I better patch it before it happens inside. So I went down to the hardware store for some roof tar and got up on the roof and started applying a generous amount of roof tar to the leaky spots. How much stuff did I put on? Well it was like . . .

Top 10 Similes for patching the roof

10. A redneck slathering butter on a corncob.

9. Ketchup on burnt meatloaf.

8. Oil on a seagull in the Gulf of Mexico.

7. A Teenager putting on aftershave on prom night.

6.Tears on my pillow after the Canucks lost to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup final last June.

5. Paparazzi on a Kardashian.

4. A politician making campaign promises.

3. A kid putting sugar on bran flakes.

2. Gold chains on a Rap star.

1. Snow on the prairies!

Happy Friday!