December 23, 2011

Top 10 things you can do with a stolen truckload of 5000 Blackberry Playbooks

10. Trade them for 1 iPad.

9. Put them in a Museum of oddities with the Edsel, Aztec, De Lorean and Lisa Computer

8. Put Apple logos on them and sell them in 3rd world countries.

7. Use them to get a ride across town on the bus*

6. Sell them with bubble gum just like they used to do with hockey cards

5. Trade them for about 5 Million shares in $RIM.CA Research in Motion

4. Use them to claim the prize of World's Unluckiest Criminal.

3. Unbox them and take the cardboard to the recycling center for 2cents a pound.

2. Sell $10 raffle tickets for 5000 Ipads and then when the winner comes to claim his prize and says "Hey I thought these were iPads?" give him a refund for his ticket.

1.Trade them for a truck load of Saskatchewan Roughrider jerseys.

*This assumes that there was a bus token stuck between two of the playbooks.