September 10, 2009

~Friday~Funnies~Top Ten ways to get to a resolution in the the Phoenix Coyotes Bankruptcy case

Not so long ago in a desert not so far away Judge Redfield T. Baum shocked the courtroom in the Phoenix Coyotes Bankruptcy preceedings by saying he might choose neither the NHL's bid or Blackberry Billionaire Balsillie's bid (yes, I am a sucker for alliteration) for the troubled NHL Franchise. Obviously they need some help to get things done down there so here are:

The Top Ten ways to get to a resolution in the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy case:

10. Move all the Hamiltonians to Phoenix. (Hey, It might be cheaper at this rate!)

9. Make the NHL promise to implement the Top Ten Ways the Phoenix Coyotes can stretch their finances.

8. Make Jim Balsillie give everyone involved a free blackberry.

7. Get Barack Obama to annex Hamilton, Ontario as part of the United States, then Gary Bettman could say he is not putting a team in Canada.

6. Make it snow in Phoenix - that way people won't have anything else to do but watch hockey.

5. Make Jim Balsillie show Gary Bettman how to read email on his blackberry.

4. Tell Federal Reserve Chairmen Benjamin Bernanke that the Coyotes are actually a bank and they need bailout money.

3. Move the courtroom to Glendale arena so they can charge tickets for this sideshow. They would probably sell more tickets than the Coyotes!

2. Make the Phoenix Cardinals football team move back to St. Louis so their is less competition for fans.

1. Make the Judge actually watch the games from last year - then he will for sure let them go to Hamilton!

Happy Friday everyone! Good luck to Baum, Balsillie and Bettman!