August 24, 2009

Top Ten Signs you had a good vacation

With September almost here it is a good time to reflect on our summer ( if you can call it that). So to help you along here are:
The Top Ten signs you had a good vacation:

10.Your students look ready for the first day of school.

9.You ate something you couldn't pronounce.

8. You had to speak spanish or french.

7. You forgot you worked for a pointy haired boss.

5. You didn't ride a tractor all day.

4. You don't know the reigning jeopardy champion.

3.Your spouse actually wants to keep you home.

2.You had to get shots 6 months before hand. . . and no shots AFTER you got back.

1. You got lei'd ( you know . . . Hawaii . . . Flowers . . . why what did you think I meant?)

Happy Friday everyone!