August 7, 2009

~Friday~Funnies~for August 7th Top Ten Names for the new NHL Franchise in Hamilton

In the ongoing saga of Jim Balsillies bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and move them to the hockey hotbed of Hamilton Ontario, Phoenix bankruptcy court judge Redfield T. Baum (that's gotta be a stage name) has allowed Jim Balsillie's (Co-founder or Research in Motion) bid to stand even though the NHL Board of Governors has just voted to reject Balsillie as an owner (the unspoken reason being spite). So maybe I am jumping the gun a little bit but I thought Jim should have at least some options ready for when (if?) he gets approved to move the team. So here are . . .

The Top Ten Names for the New NHL Franchise in Hamilton Ontario:

10. Hamilton Hahas ( because you're gonna laugh when you see them play the first couple of years)

9. Hamilton Roadrunners (Roadrunner always got the best of the Coyote right?)

8. Hamilton Handmedowns (which is what they are going to get from all the other NHL teams)

7. Hamilton Hondas (Guess who the team sponsor would be?)

6. Hamilton Halloween Horrors (because it'll be a bloodbath on the scoreboard when other teams come to town)

5. Hamilton Hitch Hikers (since these guys are the players that get bounced around from team to team)

4. Hamilton Heavenly Heroes ('cause Heaven help them when the finally start playing)

3. Hamilton Huckleberries (they are owned by the maker of Blackberries after all)

2. Hamilton Hulks (Don't make the angry - you wouldn't like them when their angry)

1. Hamilton Horsemen of the Apocalypse (because if Gary Bettman has his way it'll be the end of the world before a team plays in Southern Ontario)

Happy Friday Everyone!

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