June 26, 2009

Top 10 Ways we can break the population record in Saskatchewan

Today's Friday Funnies come courtesy of listening to John Gormley live earlier this week and he mentioned that the government has just published the latest population numbers for Saskatchewan: 1,027,000 people! Which is only 5000 people off of the 1987 high of 1,032,000. We all love to break records don't we? So here are the Top Ten Ways we can break the population record in Saskatchewan. . .

10.Build the Nuclear Power Plant in Saskatchewan with built in down times for more power outages. Then just wait nine months.
9. Step 1->Emit more carbon - > Global Warming er climate change - > shorter winters in Saskatchewan!
8. Hype the fact that Michael Ignatieff has never lived in Saskatchewan. (yes, I lean a little to the right)
7. Change our name to 'Caalifornia' to attract people who can't spell - just like Cyber Squatters!
6. Give away a free snow blower with every home purchase!
5. Offer free daycare to 'Octo-mom' and Kate Gosselin. (then the Papparazzi will follow them and we can count them too!)
4.Advertise to Torontonians that we NEVER have garbage strikes. . . What?? We did?? When was that? Was I under a rock or something?
3.Advertise that when Global Warming er climate change happens and the polar ice caps melt that Saskatchewan is landlocked and will get flooded last!
2. Tell everyone it's just like Corner Gas but without the commercials.
1. Put Dwain Lingenfelter and his over zealous volunteer in charge of signing up new citizens for Saskatchewan. (OK so I lean a lot to the right :-)
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your free funny top ten list!