May 22, 2009

~Friday~Funnies~Top Ten ways the Conversion Team made their 'Go decision'

Well, what a week we have had since the eroworks conversion! It is my understanding that it was a really tough decision* to go ahead with the conversion and they had to use all the resources at their disposal. . . including some unusual ones. . .
Top Ten Resources used by the Conversion Team to make the 'Go decision' Last weekend
10. Magic 8 Ball said 'Outlook is good'
9. Figured with all the snow nothing else could go wrong.
8. Asked themselves "What would Captain Kirk do? "
7. Saying no would have made MR. CEO miss his Tee time.
6. Advice was favorable from the Psychic Hotline (Side Note - How come you never see the headlines -Psychic wins lottery?)
5. Inspired by Rocky music - figured they could take on anything.
4. Played Bunny Bingo and won.
3. Asked themselves "What would Bill Gates do?"
2. Planets were in line.
1. Go? What do you mean 'Go'? We said No!
Happy Friday Everyone!
* In actuality, last weekend the conversion went so smooth that it was very easy for the team to decide to go ahead. They even made the call ahead of schedule. Way to go Team!