May 1, 2009

Top 10 Symptoms for flu's eerily similar to the swine flu

The 'Swine Flu' has been in the news a lot lately but here in Saskatchewan you are more likely to get Canuck fever than Swine Flu (at least I hope!). But here are some symptoms of flu's other than the Swine Flu that you should watch out for:

10. You went for wing night at the bar and can't remember how you got home (this is a symptom of the wine flu)

9. You treat women badly. (This is the Chauvinist Pig Flu)

8. If thou hast the urgeth to speaketh unto olde English - you have the Thine Flu.

7. You feel the urge to use cheesy pick-up lines ( 'what's your sign? flu')

6. You feel the urge to karate chop a board with your head ( Kung Flu )

5. You must wear a Fez and go to a convention.(Shrine(r)'s flu)

4. You won the President's trophy but get your lunch handed to you by an 8th place team ('this is the Spine(less)' flu or aka Shark Flu)

3. The Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup last year (Oh wait. . . that's when pig's flew NOT flu)

2. Need to wear cowboy shirts with fake jewelrey (Rhine(stone) Flu )

1. You cannot remember how to do trigonometry . . . wait for it . . . the 'sine flu').

Happy Friday everyone!