February 13, 2009

~Friday~Funnies~for February the 13th Public Service Announcement for Alberta and BC

ATCO Electric, EPCOR Inc, and ENMAX Power Corp. are warning their customers in Alberta that rotating winter power blackouts are expected to occur on:

* Feb 21
* Feb 24
* Feb 26 and
* Feb 28

This is a province wide alert.

The lack of power seems to consistently occur just after 8 pm on
Saturday or 7 pm weekdays and is attributed to the excessive power
required to run the goal judge light behind the Oilers' net.


Alberta Ministry of Service


In similar fashion -there is also a blackout warning from BC Hydro for the Greater Vancouver
Regional District for Sunday, Feb 15th. The Canucks play the Canadiens
and they need the extra power for the goal judge light as well - but it
is for the visiting teams' net!

Go Canucks Go!