January 17, 2009

Top 10 Alternative slogans for the town of Tisdale

So I got to thinking that 2009 might be a good time for Tisdale to
rethink their slogan "Land of Rape and Honey" to something less . . um . . loaded with double meaning. :-) So here are:

My Top 10 alternative slogans for the town of Tisdale:

10. Corner Gas? We don't have to watch - we lived it!

9. The Land to escape the Bunny.

8. Eat here and get gas.

7. Home of the world's largest Honey-bee-that-really-looks-like-a-wasp.*

6. Tisdale: where you're only a stranger once. . . because once you
visit here you won't ever come back!

5.Hakuna MaTisdale.

4.The land where the crepe's are runny.


2. Here we grow a grain.

1. Tisdale: Home of the Funniest Butt in Canada!

* The honour of world's largest honey bee actually goes to Fahler,