April 25, 2008

~FRIDAY~FUNNIES~For April 25 2008 Top 10 MORE things I have learned since moving to Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

Tisdale is just SO educational! So here are 10 more things I have
learned since moving to Tisdale. (Special thanks to Mark, Mike, and
Michael, et al. for helping me 'remember' some of the things I have
learned.) Enjoy!

10. You only have to give the last 4 digits of your phone number for
people to call you.

9. Owning a pair of gloves, a toque, and parka are not optional -they
are survival gear.

8. Those jokes on Corner Gas are really funny when you live here.

7. Elbow, Eyebrow, Love, Amazon, Avonlea, Big Beaver, Canuck, Colgate,
Drinkwater, Earl Gray, Forget, Mozart, Reward, Smiley and are also the
names of towns

6. It's doesn't matter who it is... just smile and wave when someone
drives by.

5. Kids CAN live for more than 3 days without eating at McDonalds.

4. When you ask someone what their job is they always start with "I am
a Farmer AND..."

3. Longjohns aren't just donuts

2. When someone tells you their house is the "first left after the bend
in the road" they aren't joking.

1. Don't tell people back home that you live in "The Land of Rape and