April 11, 2008

Top 10 things I have learned since moving to Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

Moving here has been a wonderful experience and I love it so much I feel
comfortable enough to poke a little fun at my new home. Enjoy!
Top 10 Things I have learned since moving to Tisdale, Saskatchewan from Vancouver area, BC.

10 - When you see a red diamond flag on the side of the highway. SLOW

9 - When someone talks about 'baling' it's not because their basement is

8 - A pride parade in Saskatchewan is about the Roughriders.

7 - There are only two seasons in Tisdale: this winter and last winter.

6 - When it comes to music, Saskatchewan has both kinds: Country and

5 - When some one says my other car they mean their snowmobile (or

4 - A "quarter section" is not a big slice of pie.

3 - An elevator is for storing grain in not for moving between floors in
a building.

2 - Those jokes that you can watch your dog run away for 3 days aren't
really true - it's 4 days!

1 - Snow is a four letter word!