July 18, 2008

Top Ten things I have seen in the clouds over Tisdale

I have been admiring the ... shall we say interesting? weather we have had here in Tisdale and area lately and it is amazing when you start cloud watching the images and likenesses you can find in them... so here are:
Top 10 things I have seen in the clouds over Tisdale

10.A big blob of shaving cream

9.Two polar bears having a snowball fight

8. A Snowman blowing their nose in a tissue

7.The Whitehouse with milk spilled all over it

6.An albino Tiger taking a bite out of a white chocolate candy bar.

5.A Dove smoking a cigarette

4.A Mountain Goat in a wedding dress

3. Beluga whale eating a marshmallow with sour cream on top

2.A pigeon throwing up clam chowder

and the Number 1 thing I have seen in the Clouds over Tisdale:

1.The Pillsbury Doughboy sitting on the toilet!

Happy Friday!