July 25, 2008

Top 10 Geek Requirements for a new Systems Analyst in Tech Support

Whew! What a week for the IT department! A new referral system . . . lightning storms. . . new computers and monitors . . . It's enough to make an IT person go on holidays.
But I have been giving some serious thought (as I always do for the Friday Funnies) to hiring another Tech Support person to help us out. But not just any person can become a Systems Analyst ... no there are special requirements... 10 of them in fact....

10. He/she refers to the days of using a 2800 baud modem to surf
bulletin boards as "The good ol' days".
Funny Tech support Neo matrix

9. Has seen The Matrix 10 times minimum.

8. Proudly wears a USB key on a chain around his/her neck.

7. Drinks more coffee before 9 am than most people do all day.

6. His/her password has more weird characters than a Quentin Tarantino movie.

5. You tell him/her: "There are 10 kinds of people in this world. . . . . .those who understand binary numbers and those who don't" and he/she actually laughs.

Dilbert calendar System Analyst in Tech support
4. His/her most prized possession is a framed picture of Dilbert which he/she keeps on top of his/her desk.

3. Does mistake any of these Tech terms

2. Has at least 1 dot matrix printer and/or CRT monitor in his/her basement.

And the #1 Requirement for a new Systems Analyst in Tech Support:

1.Can answer a pointy haired boss' computer questions without laughing . . . or crying!

Happy Friday Everyone! Remember every time you share Bill's Friday Funny an angel gets his computer upgraded.